A technology for non-destructive materials characterization and quality control
​​​​​​​Measure Young’s and shear moduli, Poisson’s ratio and internal friction
According to ASTM E 1876, ISO 12680-1 and EN 843-2

The SIET1010 instrument is designed for Impulse Excitation Technique (IET) measurements at room temperature. The apparatus works based on the analysis of resonance frequencies on a wide range of materials. The mass, geometry and stiffness are the main items determining the resonance frequencies of objects. Moreover, the SIET1010 instrument can measure the damping or internal friction based on the analysis of amplitude reduction due to the energy absorption.

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Our team provided a unique software for estimating the compressive strength of cement mortars and concerts based on the measurement of dynamic modulus. The advantages are as follows:
- It reduces the number of samples for a unique study.
- It makes possible the intercalation of experiment with other processes.
- It provides accurate and reliable estimations due to less susceptibility to experimental errors in the IET.
- It provides the repetition of test on an individual sample as many times as needed. 
- It makes possible the evaluation of compressive strength for an individual sample under various variables such as cyclic loading and temperature.